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My boyfriend’s mum sent me some piCture pOlish goodies for Christmas! There aren’t as many great nail brands here in Australia as there are back in England, but PP has been one of my ultimate faves for a long time now.

Shown from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Freya’s Cats - electric blue jelly holo
  • Frosting - baby pink creme with silver, magenta and purple glitter (and a few hidden heart-shaped glitters!)
  • Geode - robin’s egg blue shimmery creme with gold, blue and turquoise
  • Hot Lips - hot pink neon creme
  • Imperial - purple jelly with scattered holo, blue glass and gold glitter
  • Jasmine - pastel purple creme with green, blue, purple and silver glitter
  • Wisteria - lilac creme